La Lingua del Canto

27th August – 3rd September 2019

Summer singing course Italy - Lingua del Canto - The singers

Course Programme

27th August – 3rd September, 2019

This programme focuses on the importance of the Italian language in the evolution of the Bel Canto method of singing through the ages. It is aimed at voice students intending to pursue a professional career or professionals wishing to improve their Italian diction. Serious amateurs and beginners are also welcome subject to audition. The course puts emphasis on communication, vocal style and performance skills, and takes place in the beautiful mountain territory of Montefeltro, in Emilia Romagna, off the tourist route near San Marino and fifty minutes from Rimini and the Adriatic beaches. All nationalities are welcome, but good conversational English will greatly improve your social enjoyment. Students must be 18 but there is no upper age limit.

Students will arrive on Tuesday, August 27th, there will be 5 working days, and a concert on the evening of Monday, September 2nd. There will be a free day either for an excursion (cost not included) to the surrounding countryside or a day at the beach and you will leave on Tuesday, September 3rd.

The basic structure of the programme is as follows:

After individual private lessons on the first day, students may sit in on other singers' lessons (at the discretion of the singer.)

This one week “total immersion” course will vastly improve your Italian interpretation giving it new shades of expression. Maestro Fabbri will reconstruct your diction and his phonetics classes will explain exactly how the Italian sounds are produced.

Donatella Dorsi will work on your Italian pronunciation and vocal technique.

Chad Vindin is a very accomplished accompanist for you to work with and there are ample possibilities for individual practice time.

With all this plus daily sessions working on the pronunciation of our individual arias, we promise you will leave with a real “feel” for the language.

Coaching sessions and rehearsals will be held at Maestro Fabbri's Opera Academy for Belcanto Diction, Phrasing and Expression, known as the Voci nel Montefeltro (Voices of Montefeltro) housed in the well-equipped Palazzo Lombardini, formerly the Novafeltria Secondary School and at the beautiful art nouveau Teatro Sociale, across the street in the centre of town.